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My SPONSOR: Racconti di Viaggio

We are, above all, passionate travelers and we like it so much that we want to tell our experiences.

Since “movement is my place”, about three years ago I thought that joining a reality which puts the travel at the center of its everyday life was the best choice.


In addition, Racconti di Viaggio is an advisor’s network where everyone can develop the kind of travel that belongs to him the most. I prefer the freedom to choose where to go and how to do it and the curious approach that goes beyond the “usual”m while other advisors prefer more planned trips, thanks to which you can check off destinations from your bucket list.


You can find HERE all the advisors and their suggestions, but the golden rule is “ask and you shall receive”.


We are like day and night but, apparently, we met on the burden between fabulous sunrises and unforgettable sunsets.

We met each other on the internet: I was looking for a graphic designer who could translate a torrent of words that spoke about sensations into a tangible image; she had just recently came back to Italy and she was in the middle of a mystic crisis in front of a prospected future of settled and continued stillness.


I found her in the Google magic hat under heading “graphic designer Bergamo” and she beautifully absorbed my sensations and created the logo for The Half Hermit.


You can find her HERE

Monica Rabbaglio

I knew her discretion but I had no idea it added to equal modesty.

In the best of Italian traditions, we are talking about family relationship here.
But we go with times, so we are only talking about “common- law” matters.
And we don’t want to respect the clichés according to which it is safer to avoid partnerships with friends and relatives, in facts here it was all about clarity and accuracy and the rest of the job has been carried out by competence: website ready, SEO checked and English version to follow!


If you think you might need her, you can find her HERE.


Experience, passion and advice.

Often times, once you had an idea, you need someone who can give you the right advice to put it into practice.


If we are talking about adventure, big and small alike, Gialdini’s team is the best resource: they listen to your needs but they are ready to kindly mitigate your unfounded certainties and make suggestions that take into account technical needs, quality and your budget.


If you want to meet them, HERE you can find the coordinates to reach them.